We got an offer to take over Misnabo, during a telephone conversation with our neighbor in CopenhagenIt had been found that the neighbor's son was allergic to cat hair, and so he could not have the cat to stay there anymore. The cat had in past years been very much a house cat.  When the neighbor was on vacation, we were asked to look after the cat.   A trip to the vet to devote Misnabo was the alternative.  We very quickly agreed that we would take the cat.  We were very happy to take Misnabo up to Gjellerodde for the first time on August the first, 2012.  She fell in love with the surroundings and with the many mice present. She spent most of the day chasing mice and storing them under the house so all her instincts were activated. Since then, we have only had the pleasure of her presence.  We would be very sorry to be without her.

Today she is five maybe six years old.  She is still a daily pleasure for the both of us.