Nilgud is native to Madagascar.

The Danish name is probably inspired by a sculpture depicting Father Nil, who carries all his children throughout the body, like the plant bear his 'children' formed along the lamina rim. The plant is often sold under the former botanical name Bryophyllum daigremontianum.

Nilgud is a juice plant with elongated, tapered, brown spotted leaves. The edge of the leaf notches formed small, fully finished rooted plants. Gradually loosen themselves from the magazine and falls to the ground, where they take root and develop into new Nilgud plants. The flowers are pink, gathered in an inflorescence on a long stem.  

Care: Nilgud is an easy plant. In summer, water it regularly, just like a regular plant. In winter, water it rarely and just not let it dry out completely. Nilgud withstands room temperature, but can be kept relatively cool in the winter, like down to 54 F.

To achieve a better branching one can prune the plant, but when breeding plants that so easy take root , it often pays to let them grow into new plants, the old becomes easy very lanky.